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Achieving Superior CAD Design Standards

Recognized by Industry Outlook as one of the 10 Most Promising CAD/CAM Design Service Providers - June 2020

Mohan Murali,


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In recent years, CAD software, assisting in design and product visualization, has been a real game-changer for several organizations as it is used to significantly improve their work, services and products. CAD programs are now not just being utilized by designers but by engineers, researchers, surgeons and more, thus propelling the need for improved features. One of the biggest trends in this sector is automation owing to the technological advancements in AI that permits users to anticipate or repair any design errors. Additionally, with the trend of cloud computing and an increasing need for service-oriented collaborative CAD solutions, legacy single user systems are giving way to mobile service-based multi-user systems. Clients are on the lookout for customer-centric vendors possessing leading-edge solutions and deep domain knowledge that enables them to meet the unique requirements of every client hailing from various industry verticals.

Perfectly poised in this domain is 1806 Engineering Services, headquartered in Bangalore, supporting clients with faster, smarter and cost-effective designs based on their requirement. “We focus on our client’s key projects and major design needs alone as we believe quality is above quantity. As for most of our client’s minor designs, they are well equipped to handle it in-house. We are flexible to undertake projects on a whole new scale and staying focused on select few customers helps keep our efficiency and accuracy at an all-time high,” informs Mohan Murali N, Founder of 1806 Engineering Services.

He goes on to explain the process his team has set in place when approached by clients. Post on-boarding the client, a team of experts direct their efforts towards attaining a complete understanding of the design and its intended usage thus getting a clear objective of the final outcome. “With this approach we can correct any unnecessary laborious tasks during production and implementation of the design in real world scenarios. This leads to lesser R&D costs, efficient manufacturing/production plans and faster and efficient go-to-market strategies,” explains Mohan.

Delivery of Quality Products and Services

1806 was founded with the aim of establishing a fully functioning system designed to bridge the gap between clients and the company team executing design requirements and Engineering Change Management. The company has incorporated two new offerings in Design Automation and PEO services (Professional Employer Organizations). Despite being a recent market entrant, 1806 have carved a niche for itself in this domain and proudly reveal its current CAGR at about 14 percent in two years.

1806 is now a fully functioning design team focused on Mechanical and Industrial Design. Striving to attain one of the leading positions as an innovative engineering service provider, 1806 envisions establishing a supply chain starting from design up until manufacturing and production thus empowering its clients to be business ready. The company also envisages branching into the Civil Engineering ecosystem catering to architecture and structural requirements. Mohan signs off, “For a company like us, in the growth stage, it gives us immense flexibility to align with recent trends keeping us on a high and taking us to greater levels.”

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